muzette- folk fusion

meet the band

Imagine JS Bach jamming out with Jethro Tull. Add Miles Davis, Turlough O'Carolan, perhaps a few others ... all those sounds melting together creates "Folk Fusion." Since 1990, the husband & wife team of Tom & Laurie Reese have developed their unique style, fusing classical, jazz, folk & original music.  A high level of musicianship combines with a strong creative urge, and MuZette takes flight into musical fantasy.  This combination of an award-winning composer & a classically trained cellist engages audiences of all ages. MuZette blends classics by Bach, Ellington & O'Carolan bridged by jazz-inspired improvisation.

You will have a choice of musical formats with Tom and Laurie Reese. Including Folk Fusion, Jazz/Funk, Chamber Music and Traditional Celtic

Tom and Laurie are a popular choice for weddings, festivals, concerts, and corporate events. 

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